South America

Book a Regent Cruises all-inclusive cruises to the stunningly vibrant region of South America where you can explore the lush rain forests of the Amazon. Tap into the passion and spirit of Buenos Aires as you dance the tango, and taste the history and culture of Peru as you learn to prepare pre-Columbian dishes in Lima. Keep an eye out for the red-headed Magellanic woodpecker when you kayak across a tranquil lake in Patagonia, and watch for playful pink dolphins and giant water lilies as you cruise the mighty Amazon River. Enjoy a symphony for the senses in the flavors of Chilean bean stew, the dark fruit and spice aromas of Uruguayan red wines, the Amazon jungle’s dazzling blue morpho butterfly, and the samba rhythms of Brazil. is a division of, an award-winning, top producing Regent Cruises travel agency specializing in luxury and all-inclusive cruises to destinations all over the world.

Feel the rhythms and taste the flavors of South America when you experience the vibrant life that carries across the continent, from Rio ’round to Lima. The verdant Amazon houses wildlife found nowhere else on earth, while ancient civilizations remain enshrined on mountain peaks.

The Amazonian Experience

Spacious suites are a given, and exquisite cuisine is expected. You need only choose which of South America’s scenic shores you will explore. Sail deep into the Chilean fjords, shop the tree-lined boulevards of Buenos Aires, or marvel at the ornate pink opera house in the heart of the Amazon.

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